Providing you total comfort and peace of mind all year long

A/C sure gives you:

1 - Two preventive maintenance visits to reach peak performance, efficiency, and extend the life of the unit.

2 - Replace at risk parts to avoid unexpected break downs.

3 - Up to $500.00 for Repair/Placement to give you peace of mind, you and yours won't have to endure any long periods without cooling or heating.


for only

$39.00 mo. or $440.00 yr.

Before Summer Visit

  • Clean outdoor conderser coil
  • Clean indoor evaporator coil
  • Change or clean filter
  • Measure indoor airflow
  • Clean and adjust indoor blower
  • Adjust refrigerant
  • Test air conditioner to verify cooling
  • Check capacitor and change it if needed
  • Check contactor and change it if needed
  • Check thermostat and change it if necessary
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check controls of systems
  • Check outdoor fan and motor
  • Check voltage and amps
  • Check super heat
  • Check for leaks and fix if necessary
  • Check freon levels

Before Winter Visit

  • Check heating elements
  • Check sequences
  • Check voltage and amps
  • Check blower
  • TIghten all electrical connections
  • Check thermostat and change if needed
  • Calculate temperature differential
  • Check limit switches.

Efficient / Preventive Maintenance Plan

The Efficient Preventive Maintenance Plan gives you:

1- Two preventive maintenance visits that include:

  • Measuring indoor airflow at filter grill and correct if needed.
  • Inspecting filter and change or clean if dirty.
  • Cleaning outdoor condenser coils.
  • Inspecting indoor coil with videoscope and clean if dirty.
  • Inspecting indoor blower and clean if dirty.
  • Adjusting refrigerant charge to manufacturer's specifications using a digital analyzer. (Up yo 1 lb. of freon included)
  • Testing air conditioner to verify how much cooling you're actually getting.


for $19.95 mo. or $254 yr

Get better, cleaner, more efficient systems!


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